St Laurence-in-Thanet CE Junior Academy

Ms S Graham
Chair of Governors:
Mr R Gregory

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Our Eco Warriors are made up of a pupil from each class who have had to apply for their post. They have been asked why they want to be an Eco Warrior and what they would do to help the school become eco-friendlier. The Eco Council is new for 2021-2022 and will be working towards becoming an accredited Eco School.

What does Eco Warrior do?

Firstly, the Eco Warriors will have to apply for their position. Your class teacher and Eco Co-ordinator will have a think about your reasons for wanting to join and pick one child from each class to be an Eco Warrior.

As we are hoping to achieve a Green Flag award over the next few years, we have to follow these 7 steps:

· Step 1 Recruit our Eco-Committee

· Step 2 Undertake an Environmental Review

· Step 3 Come up with an Action Plan

· Step 4 Look at Curriculum Links

· Step 5 Involving the whole school and wider community in your Eco-Schools work

· Step 6 Monitoring and Evaluation

· Step 7 Design an Eco-Cod

Once the Eco Warriors have been recruited, the Eco Warriors will meet to discuss their environmental review action plan for the year. They will discuss what they would like to achieve across the next academic year and what opportunities they would like to be responsible for.

Who is the lead teacher for the Eco Warriors?

Mrs Mountjoy leads on this aspect of school life but other teachers, parents and even school Trustees will help and contribute throughout the year. She attends all the meetings and oversees the work of the Eco Warriors.

When do the Eco Warriors meet?

The Eco Warriors meets regularly throughout the school year. The Eco Warriors display board inside the hall and this page will give you information about the Eco Warriors.

I am not a member of the Eco Warriors. How are my views and ideas listened to?

If you have a great idea or something you want the Eco Warriors to discuss, please speak with your Eco Warrior. Your Eco Warriors are the link between you and the rest of the school.

Eco Warriors achievements so far:

· Tree planting

· Gardening club

· Had planters, bird feeders and nesting boxes made for the school grounds

· Helping the environment by making sure lights and IWB are turned off when not needed

· Arranged some Earth Day activities