St Laurence-in-Thanet CE Junior Academy

Ms S Graham
Chair of Governors:
Mr R Gregory

01843 592257

St Laurence Church

St Laurence in Thanet has a long established and extremely close relationship with the school. Its clergy and senior leadership are involved in our worship and governance and are a resource for religious education and pastoral care.

The Nominal Priest in Charge is Reverend Ken assisted by Reverand Brian and Reverand Philip. Rev Brian or a member of the church worship team leads the whole school in worship on Monday mornings. Each Thursday a year group comes to St Laurence Church for morning worship. The whole school attends church throughout the year for seasonal and end of term services to which parents and parishioners are also invited. Pupils and some staff from the school are fully involved in a monthly All-age Sung Family Communion Service at St Laurence. The school choir sings during the Holy Communion and children lead the prayers, read the lessons, and help as sides people.

Rev Brian is always happy to chat with any pupil, member of staff or parent should they find that helpful, offering spiritual, emotional or pastoral support. He can be contacted via the school office or the St Laurence Parish Office (01843 592478). The church website is: