St Laurence-in-Thanet CE Junior Academy

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Chair of Governors:
Mr R Gregory

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Courageous Advocacy

Salvation Army

Last Tuesday, we loaded up the minibus with our Harvest Festival food and took it down to the Salvation Army in Ramsgate. Everybody there was really kind and welcoming. It wasn’t what we were expecting as it was really busy with lots of people helping out! We were each given some jobs to do. One of the jobs was to make up food parcels for families in need. Each food parcel contained: cereal, milk, vegetables, tomato sauce, pasta, biscuits, tinned foods and potatoes. We also had to do some food sorting where we separated food parcels that had originally been made up for lorry drivers caught up in Operation Stack; they were no longer needed so had been donated to the Salvation Army. We really enjoyed the visit and it was great to be able to do something for others and give back to the community. It was amazing to see so many people wanting to help others too.

Children in Need 2022

To raise money for Children in Need, the children bought a “zone pass” to enter different zones for the afternoon. Some chose to chill out in the Film Zone or Chill Zone whilst others took part in the Sports Zone or Computer Zone. Much fun was had and lots of money raised for the charity. The total amount will be announced next week when we’ve counted up all the donations. A big thank you to all who donated.

Red Nose Day 2022

Red Nose Day Around the school today we have had children breaking rules galore! While this isn’t something we would usually encourage, today breaking the rules was the aim of the game! The reason? Comic Relief! We’ve had hats in class, children wearing nail varnish, unhealthy snacks and a rainbow of different colour hair! The children really took to the idea of breaking the rules and donated 50p for every rule they choose to break. Our target was £100, so did we do it? Yes! We have raised a hair raising £316.20! This is an amazing amount of money – thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts for this amazing cause.

The Queen’s Green Canopy

The Queen’s Green Canopy As a school, we were invited to register our tree planting efforts with The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) tree planting initiative, which was created to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. To mark the jubilee, people from across the United Kingdom were encouraged to play their part to enhance our environment by planting trees during the official planting season between October to March. Much like our own efforts, there was a focus on planting sustainably and creating a legacy which will benefit future generations.

NSPCC Rockstar Number Day

We’ve had a wonderful day celebrating the NSPCC Number Day. It was fantastic to see all the children dressed up in their best rocking gear! The children have had a fun filled day of mathematical activities, all whilst raising money for such a worthy cause. We really appreciate your support and have raised a total of £103. All the money will make an enormous difference to children today and help the NSPCC be there for children tomorrow. Year 6 used their bodies to make 2D and 3D shapes – quite a challenge but they were extremely creative and made some interesting examples! They went on to compete in the Times Table Rock Stars NSPCC Rocks Competition, working in pairs to improve their own personal bests. This afternoon saw the children using Maths Prodigy to battle against one another and use their mathematical skills to explore a magical world!
Year 5 had rock stars galore! Axel Rose and Bon Jovi’s rocking out to Maths games! For the support act, the children solved a maths mystery, using clues to solve who had stolen the towels from the PE room. Followed by first act, where they designed their own maths game, to then have a game battle of bands and complete each other’s games. For the main act of the day, the children took part in a QR quiz around the year 5 classrooms, working to solve a variety of maths-based problems.
Year 4’s number day was based on chocolate! They started by solving the mystery of the missing chocolate bar and the winning team won a chocolate treat! Next they worked together to solve multiplication calculations to find out how many pieces were in different sized chocolate bars. Everyone then got to eat chocolate! After that, they created and played their very own times table games. In the afternoon everyone took part in a times table treasure hunt outside to crack the code. What a great day!
Year 3 spent the day playing lots of different maths games! They challenged each other with their number bonds and times tables and had an exciting tournament to beat the button! They loved watching different videos of people singing times tables to catchy tunes!


After another big sort out of our reading books, we were pleased to donate twelve boxes of books to the charity Books2Africa that we no longer use in school. Mr Gorham drove the books over to the Canterbury depot on Monday to be sorted and shipped to Africa. Our last donation of books ended up in Uganda! I wonder where this batch will end up?

Christmas Jumper/ Elf day 2021

So far we have raised over £100 for our two charities this year! What a fantastic amount!
If you haven’t donated, but would still like to you can continue to do that online or by bringing money in next week.
Our School Council decided that Ryan and Daisy from Dickens class were the best dressed and they each won a little prize! But everyone looked fab and it was great to see our Christmas celebrations kicked off in style.

Pens for Kids 2021

For recycling week, the children from St Laurence Junior Academy were asked to donate any pens, pencils, or leftover stationery they may have around the house/school to send off to Pens for Kids UK, a family-run charity that sends stationery to children all over the world who can’t afford their own for school.

Across the week Mrs Mountjoy, Head of Geography, was inundated with all sorts of stationery being left in her classroom and pigeonhole. Every corner she turned, more stationery appeared! Then came the mammoth task of sorting through all the donations to make sure they worked and were suitable to be sent to hotter climates – crayons would not have made the trip. Luckily, several year 5 volunteers offered to help sort and pack the donations. After losing count of how many pens, pencils, rubbers, and rulers that the children managed to donate, they sent two MASSIVE boxes off! In recognition of their hard work, the children were sent this message from PFK….

‘We have received the parcels! Thank you so much to you and your pupils, we really appreciate the effort that has gone into collecting this huge amount of stationery that is going to go to very appreciative new homes. We hope to include these in our next deliveries to schools in Sierra Leone / Ghana. Thank you for your support. PFK’

Mrs Mountjoy said, ‘Sometimes it is easy to take things like a pen for granted. In lots of countries, children aren’t sent to school as their parents can’t afford it. School stationery is one of the many expensive hurdles that parents have to overcome. We felt it was important that our children show our Christian Values by helping those less fortunate than themselves but to also highlight how lucky they are to have so many resources that they can often take for granted.’

Children in Need 2021

On Friday 12th November, the children at St Laurence Junior Academy, Ramsgate partnered with BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing to bring some glitz and glamour to their Children in Need fundraising appeal, with the theme ‘Strictly Sparkle!’

Children (and teachers) were invited to dress up in their samba-worthy sequins, bow ties for fractions or cha-cha sliders for the hall, they took part in various activities across the day in aid of raising funds for Children in Need.

As part of their responsibilities, the School Council led the Friday celebration worship telling the rest of the school about all the great work that Children in Need does with all the money raised.

Mrs Mountjoy, Head of Upper School, said ‘I am so proud of School Council for taking on the responsibilities to help arrange the day as well as all of the other children in school for being so generous with their donations. Our School Council Reps took time out of their day to practise their lines and encourage other children to fully take part. It can be daunting to stand in front of the whole school and speak but they did fantastically.’

The School Council also challenged their peers to get their dancing shoes on and come up with a special St Laurence Children in Need move! Children could be seen practising their moves outside during break and lunch, with the playground turning into a fantastic dance extravaganza! Ms Graham, Headteacher said “our children and families are incredibly kind and generous; we are delighted to have contributed to another Chidren in Need day and had fun with our sparkly outfits at the same time!”.

The School Council were pleased to announce to the rest of the school, that with their generous donations they had managed to raise £131 on the day, with more donations coming in over the weekend to round it up to £138!

Hello Yellow

As part of our #helloyellow activities, the Student Council invited children to design something creative to highlight that mental health matters. They had so many entries and decided on a winner from Upper and Lower School. Well done to James (Upper School) and Bianca (Lower School) for winning!

We captured some wonderful photos. Well done Emily, in Fry class, your fantastic Hello Yellow border has been put to use around the school.